Manufacturing and painting of metal parts
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Flat steel products cutting centre

Servichap is a modern and highly dynamic company, which aim is to provide services that fully satisfy the needs of its clients. From its beginnings in 1999, Servichaphas specialised in purchasing steel coils from the most prestigious steel companies and transforming them into flat product and strips for use in different industrial sectors. nitially operating at installations with a surface area of 3,500 m2, Servichaphas continuously grown and currently the company is operating at facilities with an industrial surface area of 36,000 m2, with state of the art cutting lines, its own fleet of trucks and highly qualified personnel. These values have made Servichap one of the leading companies in the sector, while embracing the quality and demands of our clients as the basis of our work.

With a production capacity of 500 tons/day, our trucks allow us to offer highly competitive delivery dates and our personnel are actively involved in optimising the attention and service to all our customers.

Large investments in Technology

Always respectful with the environment.

Servichapmakes the necessary investments in new technologies to ensure the quality required for its clients in terms of cutting as well as surface finish.

Technology and efficiency at your service.

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Highly qualified personnel

As an essential part of the quality and efficiency of production.

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Servichap’smain objective is to ensure customer satisfaction by adapting products to their specific requirements and needs.

Our commitment to adapting and quality of service has been realised by obtaining a Quality Management System certification in accordance with standard ISO 9001.

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